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Specializing in Executive Life Coaching

& Self-Sustaining Empowerment

With deep roots in creative problem solving, insightful research, and personnel training, we combine our knowledge and experience into a passionate mission that empowers and mentally strengthens business working professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives.  Our clients will significantly grow in confidence, cognitive flexibility, and executive functioning.



After serving in the US Navy for 9 years, Niccole earned her BA in English Literature from UC Irvine, California and pursued a personal passion for writing, artistic creativity, graphic design and advertising. 

Creating inspiration, motivating business-minded people, and entrepreneurship is Niccole's passion.  She created The Market Ninja Report online website and online mental circuit training programs to help clients achieve mastery over their minds that ensures creative youthful thinking no matter the age. 

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What We Do

Exercises with Dumbbells

Mental Circuit Training

Just like fitness for your body, now there's fitness for your mind.


Exercise & Activate Your Brain To Keep it Sharp & in Tip Top Shape!

They Say:

“If you can dream it,

you can do it.”


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