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Cognitive Flexibility Brain Hack #472

This next post is inspired by the work titled, "Brain Hacks" written by Lara Honos-Webb, PhD. Her story is amazing in which she herself was inspired not only by her brother who had ADHA, but she herself experienced problems because of ADHD.

From the About section on her website, "Lara's approach to ADHD was created in teaching an abnormal psychology class as a graduate student. One of her students with ADHD struggled on multiple choice exams but was a brilliant contributor to the classroom and in office hours. They created a research project interviewing students with ADHD to uncover what they believed their own gifts were. The gifts clustered into creativity, empathy, emotional intensity, nature smart and exuberance."

Also from her website, "Dr. Honos-Webb completed a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship at University of California, San Francisco, and has been an assistant professor teaching graduate students. She is recognized worldwide as an attention deficit disorder (ADD) expert. Her work has been featured in Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Prevention Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Publisher's Weekly, and newspapers across the country.   She has appeared on national radio and television programs."

Needless to say, I think she knows how to improve our mental skills especially when it comes to business. What kind of advice does she give in "Brain Hacks?" It's fun stuff such as role-playing, thinking beyond "outside the box" and throwing it away, messing up your routine, and confronting your inner "tiger." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So let's try this exercise to flex out our mental muscles. Let's think about a personal or professional situation we were last involved in, it could be a coworker conflict or an argument with our partner. Do you remember what YOU said? Do you remember what actions you did, whether right or wrong? Okay, good. Now then, pick a famous celebrity you really admire, someone who is known for being wise, could be a man or a woman. Now place that character exactly in your shoes and ask, "What would they say or do?" Just let your mind wonder and wander on that and see how different or similar their words and actions would be to your own words and actions.

Feel the stretch...

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