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Diversity University

Does your company have one? What is it about anyway? Well, it's to strengthen your business actually, to help people with diverse backgrounds to understand that our differences is what makes us unique. And, that together we can actually become a stronger community both at work and at home. Many companies have anti-discrimination policies in place. But, do companies actually incorporate cultural education?

More importantly, does management seek to improve a multi-cultural work environment? I was fortunate to learn that key detail from the US Navy, participating in multi-cultural committees. And actually it's part of the Navy advancement program and evaluation system. So I adapted key elements as to what makes a good employee an outstanding one, with this template:

Diversity and creativity go hand in hand. When you rise your spirit up into the reals of Mother Nature, you start to see aspects of diversity in all walks of life. It is what it is and it makes our world a majestic piece of artwork.

But to be successful in modern America means a whole lot more than acceptance. To be successful takes patience, tolerance, focus, balance and discipline. I highlight these key elements in a program I created called, "The Art of Being a Modern Money Ninja - Maintain Your Sense of Entrepreneurial Independence."

This is a free program anyone can take, level by level. Think globally. So on top of that here is a personal story I want to share from

When my Navy Superior meet with me one-on-one and discussed my behavior, both good and bad, pointing out the different traits and what I would need to do to excel and be promoted, I was enlightened and grateful because I had something in writing, and the standards were set for everyone, not just me.  So is there a reason why we have the best US Navy in the world?  YES!  It all has to do with the individual’s conduct and the ability to work as a team to accomplish the mission and to operate smoothly.  Nevermind the bad apples which seems to afflict every community.  What matters is that it’s a WORKABLE system that keeps diverse people together and staying afloat on a boat!  (and I mean huge boats, like giant cities at sea!) Make sense?


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