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The Executive Empowerment Program

In the midst of all the media sensationalism about a suppressive pandemic, hijacked protests and who's going to be the next president, it can be easy to loose sight of ourselves and what makes us confident to the core. At work we still have to deal with sales, customer service, conflict resolution, communication cycles, stress management, business ethics, reducing burnout, time management and supervisor skills.

Just think: professional ball players still have to practice every year before they can play that big game. So it would be a wise move to invest in yearly corporate training so your employees or your self can play professionally in the arena of business. All up and down the corporate chain, big or small business, we want to maximize our company player's talents and abilities, and to continue to strengthen that year after year.

According to the American Institute of Stress, workplace stress and burnout costs companies an estimated $300 billion annually in the U.S.

Another issue of concern is that the structure of many companies tends to leads towards cliques with narrow perspectives. This can greatly affect work morale which in turn can affect productivity. So in order to "shake things up" many companies turn to outside business consultants or executive coaches who can solve a company's problem from an objective point of view.

When outside coaches or consultants work with a company group they can create fun and creative programs to develop employee skills to ensure success on the job, teach employees to interact effectively with people with different communication or behavior styles, and can help companies retain top employees. Also, Executive Coaching is able to produce a 500% or more return on investment with significant intangible benefits to the business.

So empowering employees can work in many ways.

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